Web Solutions

Website Designing, Developing and Hosting

Website is the best way to explain your organisation's strength and activities globally. It is very necessary to have a good looking and properly managed website to express your opinion, because it is the first virtual meeting with your client. It should be very clear and self-explanatory.


Abro&sis provides various web based services, as listed below:


Type of Websites

Static Website

The static website is one in which you need to develope it once and leave it on the web. It needs less maintenance effort during the year. Mostly organisation who needs to show their products, services, projects, clients, etc. globaly needs this type of website.

Dynamic Website

The dynamic website is in growing nature. Its memory requirement increases regularly. It may needs a database connectivity. The dynamic website needs more memory, and it grows up gradually. The organisation wants to manage clients database, services database, users database, etc. needs this type of website.

e-Commerce Website

The e-Commerce website needs database connectivity. It is generally for online selling, needs more memory, and it grows up gradually. The advance e-Commerce website also manage users database and needs payment gateway too for receiving payment. It needs regular maintenance.

Website Development Phases

Analysis, Designing and Developing

The first step twards website is to analyse the requirement of the client and create a design sturcture and look of the website. This is called Storyboard. After designing on the paper it needs to create on the computer with the help of any web designing software.

We offer all the three type of website, viz., static website, dynamic website, and e-commerce website. The static website is one in which you need to develop it once and leave it on the web. The dynamic website needs a database connectivity. The dynamic website needs more memory, and it grows up gradually.

Domain Registration and Website Hosting

The next step is to create a domain name registration and website hosting. Domain name is the name of your website. Every website has a unique name, so that they can be identified on the internet uniquely. It is called URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Each URL is associated with an IP address.

Each website needs some memory space to host it on the web. It is necessary to have sufficient memory space, so that one can host their website properly.

Website Maintenance

Website contains your organisations details. Any organisation is continuously involved in their job. It needs to update your website regularly, so that your site visitors got the perfect and accurate information of your organisation. We provide one year free maintenance to our client.


Phases of Website Development

Other Web based Services

Domain Registration & Renewal

Just like any firm/ company name, domain name is required to register on the web. Basically it is registered for one year. After that you need to renew to continue its availability on the web.
Domain name is also called URL (Uniform Resource Locator). It is associated with a unique IP address.

Domain name is human understandable and helps us to remember easily, as the IP address is combination of four sets of number, which is difficult to remember. Internally computer understands and searches as per IP address and not as per domain name.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Many organisation want to publish their website so quickly, so that their website's visibility on the search engine is very good. i.e., when any person want to search any thing which is similar to your website, your website appears in the first page.

Most of the people search anything in the first page, if your website does not appears on the first page, client does not visit to your website.

The Web designer work hard to bring your website's visibility on the first page in any search engine, this is called SEO. It is very necessary for any website which is new.

Domain based email ID
& Bulk e-Mailing

We offer Domain based e-Mail ID at very resonable cost. It depends upon the domain name, size and time period.

e-Mail is the best way to communicate someone directly. You can send your brochure as an attachment or inline mailing. We offer Bulk e-Mail service at very considerable fee.

We provide service to configure your Outlook to send / receive email. It makes your mail offline available.