Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Selection of a good Software is very necessary for any organisation. Sometime it is easily available in the market, but sometime you need a customised software which is 100% according to your need. A good customised software helps you to operate your business efficiently with very little effort.

Abro&sis has a well equipped lab with qualified and experienced developers. They are able to face any challenge with full customers satisfaction.

Software development needs following steps :



Software Development Life Cycle

Analysis and Designing

The first step is to analyse the requirement as per the client, its work station and their staffs. The analysis helps developer to understand the requiremennt of the client and then design a prototype model for clearification.

Analysis is also useful for understanding the :


As soon as the prototype model is developed, the foundation is developed. Now code development took place. It needs a powerful software language/ tool.


As soon as the software is developed, the working capability is checked to assuring that the software is developed as per the requirement.

Software Implementation and Maintenance

On repeated developing and testing of the software, after full satisfaction of the developer, it is delivered to the client, i.e., implemented.

Software Development Phases

Other Software related Services

Corporate Training (IT)

Just like any firm/ company name, domain name is required to register on the web. After that you need to renew to continue its availability on the web.

Online Training

Many organisation want to publish their website so quickly, so that their website's visibility on the search engine is very good. your website appears in the first page.

Excel Template

SMS and e-Mail is the best way to communicate someone directly. We offer Bulk SMS and Bulk e-Mail service at very considerable fee.

Teach YourSelf Mathematics (TYSM)

Download "TYSM" for free. It is an interesting software for children. One can improve his/ her arithmetical ability by using this software. It has sum, subtraction, multiplication and division.