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Customised Software Developing

Selection of a good Software is very necessary for any organisation. Sometime it is easily available in the market, but sometime you need a customised software which is 100% according to your need. A good customised software helps you to operate your organisation efficiently with less effort.

Abro&sis provide you fully customised software solution as per our need. We have a well equipped lab with qualified and experienced developers. They are able to face any challenge with full customers satisfaction.

Software development needs following steps :



Software Development Life Cycle

Analysis and Designing

The first step is to analyse the requirement as per the client, its work station and their staffs. The analysis helps developer to understand the requiremennt of the client and then design a prototype model for clearification.

Analysis is also useful for understanding the :


As soon as the prototype model is developed, the foundation is developed. Now code development took place. It needs a powerful software language/ tool.


As soon as the software is developed, the working capability is checked to assuring that the software is developed as per the requirement.

Software Implementation and Maintenance

On repeated developing and testing of the software, after full satisfaction of the developer, it is delivered to the client, i.e., implemented.

Software Gallery

Here is the list of software available with us. You can contact us for demo.

“Abros Billing System” is a GST ready Billing Software. It is basically developed for Billing purpose, to be an alternative to the people who has low budget to manage its entire invoice system. You can use it to store the existing items list and its details such as name, HSN code, rate, etc., Customer details, ready material stock, raw material stock, purchase, issue, and finally for creating Invoice. As it has facility to store all customer CRM and stock items, at the time of billing you have simply to select the customer and item from the list.
Know more
We have developed Auto Backup software – Abros Auto Backup System. It is very simple, and easy to configure for taking automatic backup of your valuable file and folders at specific location. Know more
This software helps to manage stock, issue, purchase, and able to produce different type of report depending upon the users requirement. Know more
This software helps to manage society database, like members detail, fee collection, fee due, expendeture details, and able to produce different type of report as per the clients requirement.
A quiz game for children with topics like General knowledge, computer, religion, history, etc.

Other Software related Services

Corporate Training (IT)

Every employee has its own capability. They may be best in his job, but may need some assistance to do best for their organisation. We provide Computer Training on different software/ topics with PPT and/or Audio-Visual presentation.

Online Training

Everyone has its own capability. They may be best in his job, but may need some assistance to do best on computer. We provide Online Training as per users convenient time.

Excel Template

Excel is very good software for all the basic accounting work as well as for many data analysis work. Many people want to have a fixed format with different formulas and formatting, etc. We provide facility to develop Excel Template best suitable for your need.

Some Software for Kids