Complete IT Solutions

IT Consultancy

In this computer age, every organisation needs some IT resources to improve and grow their business, but it is not economically feasible for Small and Medium Organisation to hire an IT Professional for full time. For such type of organisation, we offer IT consultancy at very considerable fee.

The computer with suitable software and hardware increase efficiency of any organisation remarkably. Abro&sis  assist you not only to choosing best suitable computer hardware and software but even in how to implement it for best yield. If required, we can develop excel template or a customised software for that. We also design logo and icon, brochure, website, PPT, audio-video presentation and flash movie for the organisation.

Many times you face a situation to need expert’s advice. We provide technical support and troubleshoot online round the clock to our member.  

We offer following IT Services

System Setup & Maintenance

The organisation working with computer always need Computer system setup and maintenance.
As we know that computer cost very as per its configuration, we must have to choose the best suited configuration to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Our team is capable to setup and maintain any type of computer system with any type of operating system and software available in the market, viz. mac os, linux, and windows.

Computer Network Setup

The organisation with high workload needs multiple computers. In such situation computer network is required to share data and resource. It helps to reduce computer peripheral cost and increase the working capability.

Our team is capable to setup and maintain
any type of computer network, whether it is Client-Server or Peer-to-Peer.

Upgrading Existing System

The organisation working manually on register needs to upgrade with a computerised one. In such situation analysing the requirement of computer hardware and software is very necessary.
In this situation organisation also needs to manage training session for staff to work on new computerised system.

We have expertise to upgrade system with computer hardware, software and providing training to the staff.

Technical Support/Troubleshoot

Many times you face a situation that you stuck in between work and feel helpless and to need expert help.
Our expert has over two decay of experience in IT Sector and capable to work on Mac-OS, Linux, and Windows.

We provide technical support and troubleshoot online round the clock to our member.

CCTV Camera Online Setup

Most of the project site needs to implement Computer system network along with CCTV camera and intercom. We offer all the three services for project. It reduces implementation cost.

Most of the people need to view CCTV camera online on the mobile or laptop. We offer services to setup CCTV camera online.

Data Recovery

Computer is an electronic device which can store data and information. All the data and information in the computer is stored in the Hard disk. Sometime hard disk is not responding and computer is not able to read data from it.

We often advice our clients to take backup frequently to their valuable data. We recover most of the data from crash hard disk and formatted or deleted hard disk.

Brochure Design

Brochure is the best way to introduce your organisation in brief along with showing your products and services list. It is very necessary to have a good looking and properly designed brochure to express your opinion, because it is the thing your clients refer when they need your product or services. It should be very clear and self-explanatory.

We design various type of brochure, letter head, visiting card, etc.

Multimedia Presentation

Audio-Visual Multimedia Presentation helps you to explain your product, service, or your opinion in such a way that one can understand easily.

We design and develop such type of Presentation using text, picture, sound, and video clip. It is most attractive, explanatory, and useful mode of publicity.

Flash Movie

Flash Movie is also a type of audio-visual presentation, but it is used for demonstration with action and activity. It helps you to explain your production, service, or any activity in such a way that one can understand easily.

We design and develop such type of Flash Movie with text, animated picture, and sound effect. It is also most attractive, explanatory, and useful mode of publicity.

Icon & Logo Design

Logo and icons are the symbolic identity of any organisation. It automatically depicts your opinions and views. Every organisation has its own good looking and attractive logo.

Icon is used in computer, but the Logo is used as a soft as well as hard copy. We design various types of logo, icons, etc. for organisation.

e-Learning Tutorial

e-Learning Tutorial is common in schools and colleges for teaching. It is helpful to all student from nursery to higher education. We have developed various Tutorial.

We offer services to develop e-Learning tutorial depending upon your syllabus or topic.

Customised Animated Greetings

Greetings is a way to share happyness with our friends and family. Our Software division offers free greetings for many occasions. Some of them are Holi, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, etc.

We offer customized greeting and animated greeting for organisation with their slogan, logo, contact details, etc.